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A selection of progressive bloggers form Saskatchewan
Whose job is it to play by the rules?
Here's one thing that I don't blame former Alberta Premier Alison Redford for doing -- taking her daughter with her on many of her government flights was the right thing to do.  This is kind of thing any parent SHOULD do, and we should ... [read more]
Genetically Engineered Foods & Human Health
The Regina stop on this cross-Canada tour is being hosted by Regina Public Interest Research Group. Speaking will be Dr. Thierry Vrain and Tony Mitra. Vrain is a retired genetic engineer who, according to RPIRG, spent 30-years with Agri ... [read more]
Tuesday Night Cat Blogging
Feline oversight. [read more]
Ranking the Films of Talkies
As Gregory “G-Beat” Beatty mentioned earlier on the Dog Blog, Talkies is here again. Tonight, Tuesday, July 29, Jayden Pfeifer and guest Credence McFadzean will be talking over, making fun of and generally trying to explain M. Night Shy ... [read more]
“Thing Game” By Wax Mannequin Is Still Great 10 Year On
Wax Mannequin’s music has changed over the years, moving away from conceptual work on records like And Gun [read more]
Daily Aggregation: The Littlest Dark Knight
1. A CAMPAIGN TO SAVE PENSIONS We’re all aware that the pension plan for retired city workers is in trouble, right? And that this is a big deal? No? Well here, read this. 2. SOME DUMB JERK SWIPED THE TRIKE OF GIRL WITH CEREBRAL PALSY Bi ... [read more]
Tuesday Morning Links
This and that for your Tuesday reading. [read more]
I Could Kill Myself With My Panties
This performance by Saskatoon artist Thirza Cuthand (pictured) goes Wednesday July 30 at 8 p.m. at the Artful Dodger (1631 11th Ave.). It’s being presented by the Dunlop Art Gallery as part of its Tragedy Plus Time project that examines ... [read more]
Monday Evening Sentimonies: Back On Track
Riders 37 – Argos 9 [read more]
Four Albums We Could’ve Reviewed Without Using the Word “Jangly”
We knew early on that the word “jangly” would be showing up a lot in the most recent review section for Prairie Dog. I’m assuming Whitworth was mostly playing along by putting “jangle” in his Jenny Lewis review, giving us this: I give t ... [read more]
Daily Aggregation: Girl In A Country Song
1. GAZA: SEVEN MORE DEAD CHILDREN I wish so-called “pro-life” activists worried more about stuff like this and less about bullshit like this. 2. GAZA: FINGER-POINTING OVER BLASTED HOSPITAL It’s horrible whoever attacked it. 3. GAZA: CAN ... [read more]
Monday Morning Links
Miscellaneous material to start your week. [read more]
When The Last Airbender was released in 2010 it really cleaned up on the awards circuit — or, at least, one set of awards. The not so coveted Golden Raspberry Awards. M. Night Shyamalan was the creative “genius” behind this fantasy adve ... [read more]
Sunday Matinee: Mothra
Out of all of Toho’s giant monsters, Mothra was a little different. Based on the novel The Luminous Fairies and Mothra, Mothra seems to owe a little more to Universal’s King Kong than Godzilla. Made in 1961, the movie starts with a ship ... [read more]
Sunday Morning Links
Assorted content for your Sunday reading. [read more]
Queen City Ex
Last year, organizers experimented with a Tuesday evening parade to kick off the Queen City Ex. I guess things went well, so they’re doing it again. The parade will start July 29 at 7 p.m. at Dewdney Ave. and Cameron St., and proceed ea ... [read more]
Saturday Morning Links
Assorted content for your weekend reading. [read more]
Shorter Mark Levin: John Baird and Stephen Harper are my new BFFs!Its nice to know our Canadian leaders are so popular abroad! Who is Mark Levin? Well, here's how Media Matters describes him: Levin is known for his inflammatory com ... [read more]
Musical interlude
Yuri Kane - Right Back [read more]
Friday Morning Links
Assorted content to end your week. [read more]
Riders vs. Argos: Back At It
After a bye week that seemed to last an eternity, the Riders will finally be back on the field Saturday night as they host the Argos looking to atone for a god awful performance when these 2 teams last met. Both teams come into the cont ... [read more]
Conservative Chris Tells A Tall Tale
.@CBCNews – @calxandr HarperCON’s trained MP seal, announces Poverty has been eliminated in Canada. Yes, really youtu.be/ncUtF2E7D8Y— StopApartheid Israel (@NadineLumley) July 24, 2014 How Chris Alexander stacks up with James Moore, and ... [read more]
When a Tree Falls in Saskatchewan
.@SusanFelucifer @acoyne We have a deep seated fear of high places, since none exist here. Closed off top floor public observatories too.— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) July 24, 2014 While reading news page comment sections, even hopeless troll ... [read more]
New column day
Here, looking at the sad similarities between Regina and Detroit, and noting that the crucial step we should take to avoid the latter's humanitarian tragedy is to fund our commitments to workers and residents while we have the means to ... [read more]
Thursday Morning Links
This and that for your Thursday reading. [read more]
Are You Smarter Than A Toddler - Week 5 Picks
Here are the Prophet family picks for week 5 [read more]
Wednesday Evening Links
Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading. [read more]
Tuesday Night Cat Blogging
Expressive cats. [read more]
Mandatory Fun Time
It occurred to me today how ironic it is that Weird Al releases Mandatory Fun at the same time as I’m given a mandatory break from work for months. Today's cartoon in The @NewYorker http://t.co/uJZnYUNnRd— Al Yankovic (@alyankovic) July ... [read more]
Tuesday Morning Links
This and that for your Tuesday reading. [read more]