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A selection of progressive bloggers form Saskatchewan
Shannon Lyon
Based in Kitchener, ON Shannon Lyon has been active as a musician since the early ’90s. He’s got 10 studio albums to his credit, the most recent being Broken Things in 2012. He’s also toured extensively in Europe, Australia and the Unit ... [read more]
No, its not art. Its garbage
Critics trash environmental artwork [read more]
Shorter statement from the Weyburn restaurant at the centre of the Temporary Foreign Worker program controversy: [read more]
PMO: RCMP is Deeply Offended You’re Not Buying Their Crap
“Come on!” – RCMP The Canadian people know when they’re being fed smoke and mirrors, and things taste very smoky and shiny right now. @PierAsselin It almost seems like he just doesn't like the questions being raised.— Stephen Maher (@st ... [read more]
Brothers in Weyburn
Brothers restaurant owner in #Weyburn says he can't comment on TFW controversy due to employee privacy. #yqr #sask http://t.co/l6GwqSj5G5— Kim Smith (@KimSmithGlobal) April 22, 2014 Then this: #Weyburn restaurant releases statement: 'en ... [read more]
Needs Work Or Death May Result
I wonder how many dummies were thrown with this ‘chute on first? If the answer was less than 1, then I’d suggest the answer could be no less than 1. Check out this amazing series of old films, including the Hindenburg and a British war ... [read more]
Daily Aggregation: Impossibly Cute Frog
1. MAYBE GAS PRICES NEED TO BE FEDERALLY REGULATED They went up across the country, and apparently the increase doesn’t make any sense. Oh well. If arbitrarily high/suspicious looking gas prices encourage people to drive less, that’s go ... [read more]
New Music Stinks Anyhow, Right?
I’ll let you in on a secret: I don’t actually believe that most music put out within the last year is awful claptrap. But if I did, I’d probably be OK, given how many vinyl reissues labels are constantly churning out. The big ones in Ca ... [read more]
Wednesday Morning Links
Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading. [read more]
The Dead South
April 26 at Riddell Centre the Dead South are releasing their first full-length. I spoke recently with Danny Kenyon about Good Company, which is the Regina band’s second release following a five-track EP last April. Kenyon plays cello i ... [read more]
CFL Draft 2014 Team Preview: Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Picks: 6 picks, first selection is 2nd Overall [read more]
There’s a great show at O’Hanlon’s Pub in beautiful downtown Regina tonight. Headlining is the Vancouver indie rock band Ladyhawk. They formed in 2004, which means they’re celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. The band, which in ... [read more]
Whale of a tale
Now, it could be that the Harper government's move to take humpback whales off the endangered species list  is just a routine change which echoes similar downgrades by environmental organizations like the International Union for Conserv ... [read more]
Tuesday Night Cat Blogging
Gifted cats. [read more]
Daily Aggregation: Loose Balls
1. PSYCHIATRIC TESTS ORDERED FOR ACCUSED MASS MURDERER Seems like a good idea. 2. “FUCK WHALES!  YAY PIPELINES!” Problem: protecting humpback whale habitat gets in the way of pipeline approvals. Solution: say whales aren’t endangered. E ... [read more]
Tuesday Morning Links
This and that for your Tuesday reading. [read more]
Emilie-Claire Barlow
Born to parents in Toronto in 1976 who were both professional musicians, Emilie-Claire Barlow got an early start in the music business and by age 21 had already recorded her first jazz album. She’s since released eight more albums, and ... [read more]
Waitresses in Saskatchewan fired to make room for Temporary Foreign Workers
And now ...
So that's that then. [read more]
Joy Walker
I saw something when I was out for a walk tonight on 19 block Broad Street that I didn’t know what to make of (photo after the jump), and I also saw something where I did know what was up. That’s it pictured above. It’s an art work that ... [read more]
Flickering: Foretelling Crisis in an Ecosystem
Originally posted on Nourish Boston: In a recent study, published in Nature, a group of scientists have pioneered a method to predict when an ecosystem is likely to collapse. By utilizing samples collected from a particular ecosystem a ... [read more]
Walking The Beat
It’s a great day out, so I decided to go for a stroll in Victoria Park after a late lunch before I headed back to the office. When I got to the park two police officers were cuffing a young guy on a bike. I gathered from people chatting ... [read more]
Kevin Sharp, Country Star, Passes Away
I remember listening to Kevin Sharp on the radio in the 1990s. He was in part famous for having survived cancer. [read more]
Daily Aggregation: Meerkats!
1. THEY’S TAKIN’ OUR JAAAAWBS! CBC reports that the Weyburn restaurant Brothers Classic Grill and Pizza fired its staff and brought in a bunch of temporary foreign workers. If the program’s effect is to suppress wages across the economy ... [read more]
Monday Morning Links
Miscellaneous material for your Monday reading. [read more]
CFL Draft 2014 Team Preview: Ottawa Redblacks
Picks: 7 picks, first selection is #1 [read more]
Monday Morning Sentimonies: Team Draft Previews
Well Easter has come and gone and you probably have enough chocolate in your house to give diabetes to a small country. So to help you get over your chocolate/turkey educed comatose here's some CFL Draft talk to get you through the day. [read more]
Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale
Glimpses of the Triduum
A handful of glimpses of the past three days: [read more]
Happy Easter!
I'm not sure how the Hallelujah Chorus became a Christmas song -- it's a much more logical as an Easter celebration. Here is the Hallelujah Chorus by the 5th grade class in Quinhagak, Alaska: [read more]