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A selection of progressive bloggers form Saskatchewan
Thursday Morning Links
This and that for your Thursday reading. [read more]
New column day
Here, on this week's confirmation from the Broadbent Institute that Canadians severely underestimate wealth inequality - as well as the strong popular support to reduce the wealth gap. [read more]
Adult Science Night
Every month or so the Saskatchewan Science Centre hosts a special adults-only event complete with a licensed bar and snacks. Typically, the evening is organized around a theme, and the one that’s happening at the centre tonight is no ex ... [read more]
Another outstanding Harper choice!
Canada's newest Harper-picked Supreme Court Justice may well turn out to be another Mike Duffy or Pam Wallin in the making. In this Toronto Star article, she sounds like an entitled and egotistical nut case: ...Madame Justice Suzanne ... [read more]
Wednesday Morning Links
Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading. [read more]
SaskPower Says Bigger Is Better, Even Losses? #PowerToGrow
As a followup to the Star Phoenix’s article on the hugely expensive, and (public) money losing CCS plant at Estevan, comes word of further cost overruns. The overruns, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, would have been sufficient t ... [read more]
Pats Vs Lethbridge Hurricanes
Heading into the Christmas break the Pats are on a tear. Pending the outcome of last night’s game in Brandon against the Wheat Kings, they’ve racked up 11Ws in their last 13 games. That includes wins on the road against the Kelowna Rock ... [read more]
On managerial lapses
Shorter Tony Clement: I believe there's an art to managing public money. And that's why I see no problem whatsoever with budgets which are works of fiction. [read more]
Tuesday Night Cat Blogging
Cats with mats. [read more]
Friendly Update, City Hall: Hey Guys, I Totally Shot My Mouth Off Yesterday And COMPLETELY SCREWED EVERYTHING UP!!
Wellllll… looks like I got a little carried away with the Cisk beer yesterday. Remember when I said that, based on the Regina Budget Highlights document, the road renewal budget for 2015 was $19.8 million and that that’s only a $100 tho ... [read more]
Tuesday Morning Links
This and that for your Tuesday reading. [read more]
The Nutcracker Ballet
I’d originally intended to profile an HD broadcast from London of a Royal Ballet production of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland at Galaxy Theatre today. But it ended up being cancelled. Not to despair, though, especially if you’re a bal ... [read more]
I’m Boring, Ignore Me: Supreme Court Ruins Privacy
I think people who say they are too ordinary, law abiding, and boring for police to violate them, are more wishing that were true than stating a fact. Will the police keep the phone as it keeps generating evidence? For how long? Can you ... [read more]
Harper Has No Plan B
The Hill times regarding the recent plunge in oil, and unspent money on renewable energy: Liberal MP John McKay (Scarborough-Guildwood, Ont.) said the report is evidence the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest ... [read more]
Monday Morning Links
Miscellaneous material to start your week. [read more]
On unjust cause
Shorter Peter Kent, Stephen Harper Talking Point Dispenser Level Infinity: The Dear Leader fired me for making some effort to do a job with the work "environment" in the title, rather than merely going through the motions. And through ... [read more]
Monday Morning Sentimonies: Richie, George, DePalma and More
Coaching continued to be the major topic of the week across the province… you know that and the weather. Then again the weather and Rider coaches/QBs generally account for 95% of discussion in the province anyway. The remaining 5% relat ... [read more]
Friendly Update, City Hall: When A Record Road Repair Investment Is A Budget Cut
CORRECTION: Everything I wrote below is WRONG WRONG WRONG. I explain and apologize here. Phew! Good thing I’m in Malta and not in Regina otherwise I might have felt compelled to cover the city’s 2015 budget. It was passed last Monday an ... [read more]
Oh, you shouldn't have!
Just a little bloggy roundup of some really bad gift ideas from here and there on the web. First, a jolly old elf, from Mock Paper Scissors: [read more]
Huron Carole
Titled after the oldest known Canadian Christmas carol, which was penned by Father Jean de Brebeuf in the 17th century, this holiday fundraiser hosted by Tom Jackson has roots dating back to 1987. There was an eight-year hiatus from 200 ... [read more]
Weekly Reckoning: I’m Going To Make A Paella Edition
Good afternoon. Has anyone else here made paella? It’s gobsmackingly easy. For years I believed that Iberian households spent every Sunday on the preparation and production on that most labour-intensive of dishes. Now I find out that yo ... [read more]
Dog Blog Sticky Post: The Holidays Are Here. What Would You Rather Be Doing?
It’s Sunday, Dec. 14. I’m in the office, working. The next issue of Prairie Dog goes to press on Friday, Dec. 19, at 5 p.m. We have five working days to put it together. So here I am in the office on a Sunday afternoon and evening, work ... [read more]
Sunday Matinee: One Million Years B.C.
As per last week’s request from Greg today’s Sunday Matinee is the Hammer Studios cult classic One Million Years B.C. Hammer Studios had a string of hits with their horror movies since the 1950’s but those weren’t the only kind of films ... [read more]
Sunday Morning Links
This and that for your Sunday reading. [read more]
An Index of Saskatchewan Fauna & Other Curiosities
This exhibition arose out of a collaboration between Jennifer Matotek, Director/Curator at the Dunlop Art Gallery; and John Snell, Manager of Public Programs at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. What they did is offer Regina printmaker Cai ... [read more]
Saturday Morning Links
Assorted content for your weekend reading. [read more]
Musical interlude
Hooverphonic - Expedition Impossible [read more]
Export The Immigration Minister Please
It’s so fantastically shameful the Immigration Minister discriminates based on religion, denying Syrian refugees especially if they are Muslims. This would violate the Charter of Rights were these people Canadians. Not a good Christian ... [read more]
Friday Morning Links
Assorted content to end your week. [read more]
Like A Rat Fleeing A Sinking Ship, Dick Cheney Throws George Bush Jr. Under The Bus On Torture Responsiblity
This is freaking hilarious! Dick Cheney, the former Vice President of the United States, has dismissed a key point in the report on CIA torture and has, as a result, thrown his former boss under the bus! [read more]